How Quarantine Treated Me and How I Handled It

I remember the last day of work perfectly. It was March 20th and I had a full day from 9am-7pm. (No I normally don’t work that late).

I had left work that day just thinking that we would have to close the salon doors soon. Not thinking THAT was my last day.

I was almost home and my step sister texted me “Well you are going to be off for a while” and I replied back “Says who?”.  She told me that the press conference was live on Facebook at that time.

So I turned it on, on my phone and I heard him say that we are to be closed until further notice starting at 12:00am Saturday morning. I started crying. The first thing I thought of was “How am I suppose to pay rent at home, at work, AND have money to live off of during all of this?”

Once I semi cooled down and could kind of think, all I could think was “...okay so rent at home and work, work supplies, groceries, dog food, and it’s basically illegal to work right now...”. Life is so good!! (Sarcasm).

In the beginning the governor said it would only be 2 weeks of quarantine...Well we have made it almost a full 2 months. We are only hoping to actually start working again on May 15/16.

Yes that’s a long time of sitting at home and not being able to work. Yes I do wish I was doing lashes every day, but let me tell you...

This has worked out better than I envisioned. No...not the most perfect way. No I am not stress free by any means, I am actually very overwhelmed by all of it. But I have been doing my best to not sit, and have myself stress about something I cannot control.

I want to thank Victoria Racca, for reaching out to me when she did. She didn’t know she was helping me, I didn’t even know she was helping me. She was just being kind and offered me a spot at Probrow.

What have I done during this time?

I’ve been painting, relaxing, taking my dog to the camp, building this website, practicing lash techniques, staying in my pj’s all day, planning the look of my new room at my new work place, organized my closet and filled my basket up with clothes on SHEIN; lol. Also caught up with friends from high school and even from Aveda.

I’ve always been a major homebody. This wasn’t so terrible for me. I’ve been doing things that I forgot I liked to do.

Now I am ready to start lashing all of you instead of a beauty sponge!!! See you guys real soon! (hopefully)



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